Turn relaxed hair into natural hair Instantly!

How do you do that? Well, that's one of the search words that have popped on several occasions is how to turn relaxed hair into natural hair instantly. I want to address this in case you have other people thinking the same way.
First of all, the relaxer process involves the PERMANENT break down of the hair(simplest explanation). The chemical changes are irreversible; that's how the relaxer is supposed to work else you will have a temporal straightness like that of a flat ironed hair. Whereas a flat iron changes the bonds for a short time, the relaxer brings down the protein bonds, straightening and rearranging them in the process.


What can you use to turn relaxed hair to natural at once?
The simple answer is NOTHING! Vinegar cannot make your relaxed hair turn into natural one. Neither will key soap, duck bar soap, OMO, Ariel, or even Akpeshie.

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