Top 3 Deep Conditioners (Collab With Miranisa and Ghlonghair)

This collaboration is all about our favourite top 3 deep conditioners. Every since I started my hair journey, using deep conditioners have been a key factor in achieving all the goals I set for myself. I've used a variety of deep conditioners for difference reasons and purposes. However, it's not all of them that have found their way into the stable list.

In the video, I talk about the 3 top deep conditioners,especially, for the year 2015. I talk about why I love them, how I use them and how long I've used them.

Stella of ghlonghair also shares her 3 top deep conditioners and how they've helped her achieve her almost waist length hair.

Miranisa Wallace of msdirectiongh has also been a healthy hair journey for a while now and has achieved almost all her hair goals. She shares her 3 top deep conditioners and how they've helped her get to her current length. Don't forget to subscribe to our channels, leave your questions, suggestions and comments below the videos.

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