Can Water Only Wash Clean Your Hair?

Here's one of the questions that have come up with the water only wash. Can the water only wash clean your hair? There are several things involved in the water only wash cleaning stages.

First, you scritch that is use your finger pads to lift sebum and dirt.

There's also the position of your head during the rinse. You tilt your hair downwards to allow the flow of water to wash out the dirt as well as make detangling easier.

Another the cleaning step is the acv, Aloe vera juice. You can use aloe vera as a cleanser to remove dirt from your hair. It is said to be a mild cleanser which means it won't deplete the sebum coverage. You have to experiment with how often you use to figure out the best time to use it.

clay treatments or herbal rinses can also be used to clean the hair during the water only wash routine. However, these clay treatment, according to the website, can undo the sebum coverage. Clays like bentonite are known to clarify so I won't be surprised if they strip your hair clean Lol. When you go to the water only wash website,  you'll get tons of ideas and information about all the possible cleansing methods you can use.
Personally,  I've tweaked the water only wash method to suit my lifestyle and hair needs. I do oil rinsing as well as use a sulfate free shampoo once in a while to clean the scalp. It takes a while after that to gain coverage but I don't mind.  I also deep condition the hair sometimes.

Thus,  the water only wash for me,  is a supplementary routine. It helps to  keep my hair hydrated for long periods of time. It has also helped reduce shedding and breakage since the hair stays moisturized for a long time.


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