DIY Amla Powder Hair Mask

In this post, I will  share a DIY amla powder hair mask with you. I love using amla powder so I just had to film the process this time.

The purpose of the treatment was to not only strengthen the hair but give it some boost for the harmattan. As the season draws to a close, we have to prepare the hair for the hot season that's to come which can dry out the hair.


In my opinion, my hair is thriving better than ever due to taking preventive measures. Therefore,  I'll be doing more hair treatments to give it all nourishment it needs.

I'm not doing experiments, I'm using products I know already. If it's not the case,  I'll alert you.

When washing out the Amla hair mask, do so under running water and use a wide tooth comb to get rid of particles.
Here's the tutorial
What did you do this weekend?


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