How To Choose A Relaxer

It's all about making the right choices so you hair thrives when it comes knowing how to choose a relaxer to suit your needs.


We already know of no lye and lye relaxers,  their various components  and uses. However,  even if you choose one of these,  how do you know it will work for you?

You certainly need to know your texture. Naturals base their product choices usually on their texture in order to achieve desired results. In the same way,  you need to know your texture to choose from mild relaxer  to strong relaxers.
There are relaxers for fine to medium textures and those for coarse textures so know your hair type and use that to help choose a relaxer.

Another factor to consider is whether you want bone straight hair or texlaxed. If you want to have some texture, then,  a mild relaxer is best. Sometimes,  it's assumed that no lye relaxer processes less faster but there are some which actually work faster than the lye.
The last tip on how to choose a relaxer is your budget. Lye relaxers are very cheap in Ghana compared to no lye aka box creams. In fact,  one lye relaxer pack can be used for 4-6 applications whereas a no lye is usually twice.
So, these are simple tips on how to choose a relaxer.


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