Forever Clair Natural Lightening Soap Review

I bought the forever Clair natural skin Lightening Soap for hyperpigmentation as a result  of walking through the sun. If  didn't like how my face especially looked.


It's been about a couple of weeks since I started using the fC natural skin Lightening soap for hyperpigmentation,  scars among other. Does it work?

The soap costs between 10-20gh depending on the retail shop. I used it twice a day as directed.  You leave it on your skin for 3 minutes before washing off.

I did exactly as directed and I did see a huge change in my skin,  especially my face.  Due to this,  I'll be grabbing two more soaps soon plus the body Cream or lotion.

It smells ok, very mild and lathers well. I noticed that it lathers  well if you use a wet sponge rather than  on dry sponge.

If it's not working for you,  perhaps, you ought to follow the instructions for use. In addition,  you may have to use the whole like for effective results.
Does it bleach the skin? No, it removes the dark spots and blemishes leaving your skin glowing.

I guess I've answered you questions regarding this product since a lot of you kept asking why it wasn't working for you.


  1. My best hassle with Kojic acid cleaning soap was that it leaves my pores and skin a piece dry. However, I also located out that there are Kojic acid soaps which have extra components like Glutathione and oatmeal. This no longer most effective moisturizes the skin to counter the dryness, but also beautify the whitening residences of the product.

  2. Pls will forever Claire remove my brown pigmentation caused by sun, Am an albino and how fast do u think it will work ?

  3. Omg I'm totally happy by my facial improvement

  4. Does it clear pimples too

  5. I love forever clair product, it's natural no additive


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