Why Your Hair Doesn't Like Coconut Oil

In as much as coconut oil has a reputation for being one of the best oils that actually penetrate your strands,  there are some whose hair just doesn't like it and here's why.Personally,  coconut oil works for me when I use it as a prepoo treatment or mix it with deep conditioners. As a prepoo,  my hair is left soft and moisturized after each use. It also prevents my hair from hygral fatigue which is when the  hair takes in too much water during the wash process.

The problem comes in when I use it as a sealant after moisturizing. My guess is that since coconut oil sinks into the  hair,  using it daily means you are simply adding to  an already protected hair. After a few uses,  the hair will overdose on the oil.

In addition, since it gets absorbed into the strands it means you need a sealant that would protect the moisture content. Since the coconut oil sort of vanishes,  your hair is exposed and that can lead to dryness. So,  in my theory,  the lack of oil to prevent moisture from escaping is the plausible reason for the dryness you feel after using coconut oil. Perhaps,  sealing or double sealing will curb this problem. Using a butter after coconut oil application may work to prevent the dryness.

This is what I found: you may be using products that are formulated with coconut oil that has not been hydrolyzed. When oils are hydrolyzed, it’s a good thing! It means that oils have had the naturally occurring proteins separated from them.(naturally curly)

Does your hair love coconut oil?


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