Salicyc Acid For Scalp Issues

Aside being an amazing ingredient for our skin,  salicyc acid can also help exfoliate your scalp. How? 

There are shampoos formulated with salicyc acid and they exfoliate the dead skin cells. You'll find the SA in anti dandruff and anti itch products too. 

As part of keeping my scalp clean and healthy,  I'll be investing in these products to enable my scalp detox itself too.  

When you exfoliate the dead skin cells from the face your products get aborted better and are able to get deeper into the pores.  This is the same principle behind the Salicyc acid in the shampoos.. 

In addition,  scalp scrubs are also awesome for healthy scalp and I've invested in that too.  

As I do each treatment,  I'll give you a review.  

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