How To Do Overnight Deep Conditioning

When you are a mom and a career woman like me, spending time at night putting things in order can be the best moment to nourish your hair.

Most deep conditioners require 30 minutes under a steam cap and because we can't spare that amount of time in the morning, doing it whilst sleeping can be a better option. 

Now, most deep conditioners complete their work within 30 minutes to an hour hence the purpose of overnight deep conditioning isn't about the deep conditioner working but rather, you saving time!

Here's how I do mine. 

In the process of taking the night shower, I shampoo the hair and take the shower. I then apply the deep conditioner to the hair. The pwieos between the shampoo and conditioner application allows the hair to dry a bit so that the deep conditioning is done on damp and not wet hair.

I cover with the steam cap or shopping bag and follow up with a bonnet. If you share a bed with your partner, be sure they won't mind the smell of the products Lol. 

Next morning, I rinse and moisturize and seal. I wear buns for those days to work. 

If it's a weekend, I go to the salon for the remaining wash and roller set. 

The danger with overnight deep conditioning is moisture overload so do well to use it only when you really need a lot of moisture or pressed for time. For those of us in the West African region,  overnight deep conditioning hardly causes moisture overload as a result of the impact of the hot  sun at day time. 

Have you tried overnight deep conditioning? 


  1. I cant bear ny partner waking me up in the middle of the night to ask where the smell of my d/c is coming

    I have however resorted to overnight oil treatment then shampooing and d/cing first thing in the morning. Like you rightly said its about saving time and keeping up with your routine.

    Great post.


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