Pre Postpartum Skin Care

It may seem strange to talk about pre Postpartum hair or skin care but it is really beneficial to plan your routine ahead of time.

For the pre Postpartum, it's all about how you want to restore your glowing skin and get your skin back to normalcy. It may take weeks and months but planning will speed up the results.

One of the first things I began doing was being consistent with cleansing, toner and moisturiser when I hit week 35 of pregnancy. I purchased the Nip and Fab mandelic gel wash to gently exfoliate the skin.
I used that to wash the face and alternated with Simple Facial Wash. 
After that, I used Garnier facial mist or the Revolution hyaluronic essence to create enough moisture in the skin. I followed with a creamy moisturiser and the face oil from Jo Naturals as last step or switch it with The Ordinary hemi squalene oil.

This routine took a maximum of 5 minutes in the bathroom and 5 minutes out, totally 10 minutes. I did it once a day regardless of the number of showers I took in a day.

For my body, I switched to Jo Naturalis black soap wash and then kept up with the Palmers skin Therapy oil and Jo naturalis body oil. 
The essential ingredient that really helps the skin is water! Be sure to keep up with your water intake.


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