Why Your Hair Vitamin Isn't Working

Hair vitamins really do help boost growth if you know how to take them the right way.

I've had quite a few bad experiences with hair skin and nails vitamin mainly due to the high strength or dose. However, once I got to know the limit of biotin my body can handle, I have had immense benefits.

You are taking it on empty stomach. Most supplements are to be taken during meals, especially main meals. That means you take them when you are eating so that it mixes with the food for digestion and absorption.

You lack other nutrients. Taking just biotin alone may not suffice because you body may be lacking or deficient in other nutrients eg iron. If you are taking any biotin supplements, be sure to include a multivitamin to get the absolute best!

Your hair practices are causing more harm. Taking hair vitamin won't automatically make your hair healthier. You need good healthy hair regimen to derive maximum impact or benefits. 

You don't take it long enough. Some supplements are to be taken for at least 30 days before you notice results and some may even take 3 months. What you need is patience to complete the hair vitamins.


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