This One Thing Could Damage Your Hair

The sulphate or no sulphate debacle has been going on for a long time but recently,  there has been a middle way with respect to these ingredients. 

In addition, a lot of the advocates of the sulphate free movement have actually gone back to including sulphate based shampoos or cleansers in their routine. Why? 

It all comes down to removing build up in the hair! Even when you use sulphate based shampoo, you tend to have build up from styling gels, moisturizers and oils. 

The sulphate free shampoos are unable to cleanse this build up and leaves your hair dry as a result. The only way to treat this is to use a chelating or clarifying shampoo!

You don't need to use  sulphate based shampoos all the time. Once a month should suffice.

An alternative will be bentonite clay to ensure a clean and healthy hair!

You can also use salicylic acid based shampoos or glycolic acid cleansers too. 

The key is to ensure that the hair doesn't suffer from build up. 


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