Products For clarifying Your Hair

Clarifying removes build up from products. Even the regular products for washing including regular shampoo are unable to completely remove build up hence the need for something stronger at least every 6 weeks for a deep cleanse.

1] Clay treatment: Using clay as a first wash helps to detox and remove build up. When you use clay, you don't need to use shampoo again. Mix about 3 tablespoons of your clay with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon with water. Mix with wood or plastic spoon but not metal. Apply the mixture on your dry hair and leave for some minutes and rinse. You can deep condition or condition afterwards. Bentonite clay is a favourite among bloggers.

2] ORS creamy aloe shampoo is an all time favourite and OG for clarifying.

3] Neutralizing shampoo can also remove build up in the hair.

4] Apple cider Vinegar rinse from Creme of Nature 

5] Giovanni Clarifying shampoo 

There are other amaxing brands you can rely on for clarifying your hair.


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