10 Co-Washing Problems: (4) When And How Often To Co-wash?

Today, we look at the issue of how much is too much? How many times can you co-wash in a week or month or even daily? There are three angles to this stumbling block:
  • The amount of time you have at your disposal
  • How much conditioner you have
  • How clean you want your scalp
It is obvious that most of us don't have the whole day at our disposal.  Examine your work schedule,  do you have enough time to hop in the shower to wash? Can you do it in the morning or the night? If you have  leave for work in the morning, can you co-wash and have dry hair before leaving? If it’s at night, can you have time do attend to your hair?

Another thing is how much are you willing to spend on conditioners? If you are a minimalist like me, you may want the conditioner to last you for at least 2 months. In this case and depending on your length, you may probably co-wash once a week . However, if you don’t mind using up bottles within a month,  and have enough time to do it on a daily basis, that will be your choice but remember to incorporate protein may be in a protein leave-in to prevent moisture overload.

How often do you co-wash? What determines this?


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