10 Co-Washing Problems: (1) Does your hair really need co-washing?

So, you've visited one of your favourite blogs( like this one) and you have learnt about conditioner wash aka co-wash (CW). You want to try it but... I'll be doing a series on 10 conditioner wash (Co-wash/CW) problems that you encounter and how to deal with them. Enjoy each post and be sure to leave your questions, comments and suggestions!
First question that pops up in your head when you decide to join the CW train is whether your hair really need it! which can be a headache which will get your brains to switch to thinking mood for days!
To determine this, one of the things you can do is to consider your daily routine and the exposure of your hair to dust, sweat among others.  If you work in a dusty environment like me, then, CW can help you get rid of dirt on your scalp without stripping your hair of all the oils as in the case of using a shampoo too often.

 Likewise  If you workout or sweat a lot (again like me) CW will be of great benefits in keeping your scalp clean as well as preventing sweats from drying out your hair.

Additionally, if your hair is exposed to so much sunlight, that could lead to dehydration of your hair so infusing moisture through CW can curb dryness.

For coloured treated hair, using a CW 
Stay tuned for problem 2!



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