10 Co-Washing Problems : (2) What Type Of Conditioner To Use?

(Click here for problem 1 ) On to another tedious and serious decision making in embarking on co-washing; whether to use a protein conditioner or moisturizing conditioner! :(
My experience with conditioners have taught me to have a balance of the two. If you want to use protein conditioners, then, your wash day should have more moisture based products to prevent protein overload. If you choose to use only protein conditioners, then, you have to constantly have moisturizing products.

On the other hand, moisturizing conditioners  can be also be used especially with our dry weather. It’s safer to have moisture overload as that can easily be corrected within a short period than a protein overload which can take months to correct.

Suave Almond and sheabutter conditioner
I got protein overload from using protein conditioners on a weekly basis both co-washing and regular shampoo wash so I’ve stuck to moisturizing conditioner (Suave Almond and Sheabutter conditioner) for co-washing and using protein ones sparingly.  Take some time to study which one works for your hair!

What type of conditioner do you use for co-washing?
Problem 3 coming up!
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