Do You Have To Chelate Or Clarify?

 One of my readers asked this question after seeing a conversation about chelating after relaxer and why it had to be done. To the best of my knowledge, chelating and clarifying are two different processes.
From what I know, chelating shampoos cleanse the hair of mineral deposits. When you use a no-lye relaxer aka box cream, the no-lye leaves calcium deposits and this contributes to the dryness you get after relaxer. In addition, hard water can leave mineral deposits in the hair. Take, for example, our tap water!
The one product that is easily available in Ghana for chelating is the Organic Root Stimulator Aloe Shampoo (which also doubles as a neutralizing shampoo!).
Though I don't use a no-lye relaxer, I still chelate to get rid of any mineral deposit from possible hard water- don't know if my water is really hard.


This is to simply remove ordinary product build up to ensure that the hair can absorb products well. For me, a sulphate based shampoo does the work well. (see my posts of sulphate shampoos). I clarify weekly because I use a lot of products in my hair during the week.

According to other bloggers, a chelating shampoo can clarify but a clarifying shampoo cannot chelate!

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