How to moisurize your hair under weave

Hi ladies, hope you are doing well with the last bit of stuff to end the year. Well, since I got the weave, I've had questions about how to moisturize your hair under weave. Obviously, wearing a weave or sew-in requires the same attention as wearing your own hair out. Neglecting your hair under the weave will result in dry, brittle hair and even makes taking the cornrows down a tedious task. The reason  why most people loose hair when wearing weaves is mainly because the hair beneath the weave is not moisturized. In the video, I show how to moisturize and seal in the moisture whilst wearing a weave.

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  1. Lawrencia7:50 pm

    i sew a wig cap on my hair before sewing the weave on..i am wondering if i can use the same procedure to moisturize my hair or if i can moisturize my hair at all because i feel like it wouldn't dry therefore my hair will give off a bad smell

  2. abena8:02 pm

    Try using the small holed net wig cap so you can easily spray the moisturizer through the holes.

  3. Patricia Gaisie8:29 am

    How often do u wash ur hair while in weave?

  4. abena9:28 am

    Once or twice at the salon


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