Wash Day Mistakes

The usual advice I offer is to allow a hair dresser do your hair. As you get familiar with the products and regimen, you can then makw efforts to do your own wash.

What are some mistakes we can make during the wash?

... Not shampooing properly: Depending on how long you go between washes, using the shampoo once won't suffice.

... Too much deep conditioning. You may get protein overload or moisture overload. Doing weekly deep treatment may work well for those with Bra strap length and beyond because they have a lot of old ends to handle. Even that may not necessitate weekly deep conditioning. 

If you have anything below that length, twice a month should be enough.

... Not knowing the right washing method that works for you. If you choose to use the salon, you'd still ought to know which detangling technique works. For most part, flowing water in the downwards direction makes detangling easier. Also, washing in section creates minimum tangles. This is one thing you shouldn't ignore. Washing in twist is another technique that can save your hair! 

... Lastly, for relaxed hair, the rinsing process after relaxer application is crucial. Using the neutralising shampoo 3 to 4 times will be a better solution than using it once and washing with lots of water. In addition, some salons hardly wash everything out well so keep an eye on that.

Another situation is rinsing leave in conditioner out. Leave in conditioners are not to be washed out. You apply and go ahead to style.

Hope you find these useful. 


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