Grow Your Short Relaxed Hair

If you have short relaxed hair, I can relate to your struggles!

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Now, how do you grow short relaxed hair faster? 
Not easy wearing your hair so braids can be your default styles for about a year or more.
1. During this time, try to moisturize the hair using braid spray. 

2. Be sure to moisturise the hair even in its short state. That hair will become the ends as you grow out your hair so begin to care for it whilst you can. That will minimize the damage and help retain length better. 

3. Still deep condition the hair irrespective of the short nature. Giving it the right treatment from the onset will nourish that hair as it grows out. 

4. Stay away from  too direct heat: I know the struggle of air drying short hair! It's easy to blow dry weekly but if possible, use a heat serum every time and lay low with the flat iron! 

5. Still detox your hair and scalp for optimum growth. 

6. Growth oils and vitamins do accelerate the growth process. Also, they strengthen and nourish the strands thereby reducing the damage it may experience.

What's your favourite hair growth tip?

Comment below. 


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