Buns To Grow Long and Healthy Hair

Buns are the easiest but usually the least used protective style. Most hair styles make use of extensions which put a lot of strain on the scalp. Do you know you can equally use buns as protective styles to grow your hair long and healthy?

 I've an article on using buns here as protective styles and I'll add a few more tips on utilizing this style.

[1] Always moisturise the ends of your hair before you throw the hair into a bun. This will keep it from getting dry.

[2] Moisturise the ends of your at night to reinfuse moisture into it.

[3] Don't use rubber bands eg those used to wrap money. Opt for ouchless bands - ones without metals on them. 

[4] You don't have to use gels to sleek down your hair.

[5] You can take down your buns every night and restyle in the morning. Be sure to also sleep im a bonnet or on a satin pillow case. 


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