Hair Butters In Your Hair Regimen

It seems I haven't mentioned hair butters on this blog nor in my wash routines. That might linked to my earlier readings about how mineral oils clog the pores, weigh down the hair and leave the hair dry. That perception has changed though . There are  butters that are beneficial for our hair, especially, for us in Ghana.
Ghee butter
Mango butter
Muru muru butter
Cupuaca butter.
Avocado butter
Cocoa butter
Chebe butter
How To Use Hair Butter
Butter as a hair mask: This is essentially a prepoo mask. Ghee butter is noted for being an amazing butter for prepoo treatment. It is applied on dry hair and left for about 3 hours. Similarly, you can use chebe butter as a prepoo treatment too.

As a sealant: For hair that easily becomes dry, butters are great as sealants. You can apply butters even after your oil, especially if you use coconut oil to seal. The hair absorbs the coconut oil and hence a heavy product like a butter will add an extra layer of protection. In addition, pay special attention to your ends when sealing. 

How about Pomades? Back then, pomades had  about 80% petrolatum or mineral oil. There was a time in the hair world when mineral oil received negative reviews. However, this perception has changed. The key factor lies in when it is used in the moisturizing step. Like butters, be sure to use pomades only after you moisturize! Don't use it on dry hair. If you wish to remoisturize after 3 or 4 days, it's better to wash the hair if your pomade contains mineral oil. It's such a tight sealant applying a moisturizer again on the 3rd or 4th day won't still penetrate the strands. Even wetting the hair won't allow the moisture to penetrate that layer of mineral oil. 

Now, I have some few butters and pomades I want to introduce into my hair regimen, especially for harmattan season when the weather is always dry. I tend to co wash more during the harmattan weather too to keep moisture levels high! 


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