Amla Gloss Wash Day

 Amal gloss is a combination of Amla powder, conditioner or deep conditioner and oils of your choice with a few drops of essential oils. 

🎀Currently 3 weeks post relaxer 

1)First step: Shampoo 2x with mega growth stimulating shampoo

2)Applied Amla gloss and let it sit for 5 minutes 

3) Rinsed out the Amla mask under shower whilst the water run down the hair. I used a wide tooth comb to help get the residue out 

4)Applied Tresemme conditioner for another 5 minutes because I still had some Amla debris in the strands 😁

5)Followed with the Pantene multiplier, and Mielle ginger moisturizing butter before using a scarf to lay down the hair.

PS: I skipped the salon because I wanted to do the gloss myself

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Next wash, it will be an oil rinse wash!


  1. Great info! Waiting for the oil rinse update


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