Wash Day Before Installing Extensions

I’m currently 4 weeks post relaxer and it’s been a smooth rider so far! My baby’s christening is in a couple of days so I had to get something decent done just to raise my glow up game! 

I began with dry hair - I applied the Maui shampoo and left it for close to 10 minutes in the hair. It wasn’t intentional but I’m going to be shampooing like that these days. After leaving it in the hair, I combed through several times to make sure it was well distributed in the hair. 

When I rinsed it out, my hair felt super hydrated and soft. I applied the John Frieda detox masque and left that too for some minutes.

My hair was amazingly easy to comb through and it stayed moisturized until I applied the Pantene serum and the rest of the products!

Next day, I got some cornrows installed. I should be able to keep this till mid December or more and then consider the next protective style!


  1. I'll try the shampoo technique too.

  2. What's the benefit/effect of your new shampoo technique? I mean leaving it your hair for some time before washing.


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