Hair Care Abroad

 When you've relocated to a cold climate, you need to pay attention a routine that will protect your hair during the cold season. 

There are a lot of youtube videos on caring for your hair in winter with videos made by African Americans and  Africans but sometimes, people neglect a crucial demographic profile - Caucasian hair care videos. These will be of extreme benefits so don't disregard them at all. I learn a lot from these ladies and their routines aren't so different from what we do. Remember, they also have hair journey stories. 

In addition, the friends you make at church will also be a good source of information about salons and charges. Aside going online to check reviews, church is a great place to see interesting hair styles hence you'll get much more information there. 

Lastly, be quick to read labels at stores. You may not find any familiar brand yet you'll get equally amazing brands. Reading labels and checking Google reviews will create the opportunity to experience new products as well as new hair care information. I once found myself in a new town with no hair products. 

When I visited the market, I was told most of the products were from across the border. I want worried, all I needed was to read the directions and descriptions to select what I needed. 

Amazon is also a good place to get familiar brands but if you don't have amazon in your place, check Instagram for the brands you want. A lot of these brands have distribution points I these countries who even have Instagram handles. For example, Palmers, Sunny Isle, Tropic Isle, ORS, L'OrĂ©al have presence in several European countries with each having it's own Instagram page. 


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