Moisture Retention Struggles

 Length retention isn’t possible if your hair keeps breaking off and getting dry all the time hence the need to have a solid moisture routine or regimen. 

Here are few things you can modify in your regimen. 

Placing emphasis on moisture is key to preventing dryness and breakage so how do we go about it without damaging our hair?

The first point of moisture is your shampoo and conditioner steps. As soon as you wash your shampoo, be sure to apply your conditioner to infuse moisture into the hair again. This also applies to your deep conditioners. 

Next is your leave in conditioner or moisturizer. These are  also crucial in moisture retention. However, there is a step that we often overlook. 

This has to do with protecting our hair at night by using bonnets. This is simple yet one of the most effective methods in preventing struggling with moisture. 

When you hair is not rubbing against the cotton of your pillow or pillow case, it's easier to retain the moisture overnight.

In as much as the bonnets tend to fall off at night, you still get some form of protection with the hours it stays on. 


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