Herbs In Ghana: Rosemary

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 A search through the net has revealed that herbs are useful in hair care. Some of the concerns of naturals in Ghana have been which herbs are available and where to purchase them.  The series, Herbs In Ghana, has been created to address these problems. Today, the focus  is on Rosemary.
 Rosemary is a dark green herb with needle-like leaves and pale blue flowers. It's native to Mediterranean areas, and the name means "dew of the sea" in Latin. The official botanical name for rosemary is "rosmarinus officinalis."It is a bushy type of evergreen that can grow six feet or higher and the tree contains leaves that are stiff and leathery. Rosemary has different uses but the concern here is on hair care. Check hairboutique.com for other usage.
This herb aids in:
  • stimulating hair follicles for hair growth
  •  slowing down or even permanently holding off premature hair loss and gray hair. 
  •  clearing many cases of dandruff.  
  • Rosemary also mixes well with tea tree and basil for stubborn scalp problems.
Ways of Using Rosemary

 Make an easy rosemary infusion to use as a strengthening hair rinse.
  1.  Add two or three handfuls of the herb (fresh or dried) to a pot of water. 
  2. Bring the water to a boil, cover and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  3. When the water has cooled, strain out the pieces of rosemary 
  4. Put the infusion into a container that you can keep in the shower. 
  5. After shampooing, pour some of the mixture over your hair and don't rinse out.
Make a rosemary-infused oil to use for a nightly hair massage.
  1.  Lightly crush two handfuls of rosemary (fresh or dried) between your palms, to bring out the scent.
  2.  Put the herb in a bottle and cover with olive or jojoba oil. 
  3. Place the bottle in a cool, dark place, and allow the mixture to steep for two weeks. 
  4. Before bed, massage a few drops of this oil into your scalp to improve circulation and growth
Infuse rosemary in raw apple cider vinegar for a natural conditioner.
  1. Fill a bottle with sprigs of rosemary and cover completely with apple cider vinegar (which corrects the pH balance of hair and closes the cuticle). 
  2. Leave this mixture in a cool, dark place for two weeks to let the herb infuse into the vinegar. 
  3. Use after shampooing; mix 1/4 cup of the mixture into a cup of water and pour over hair without rinsing.
Where To Buy It
I got mine at Makola market from a spices seller which means it's obtainable at any spices seller in a market near you. Simply ask for Rosemary(that's how the women also call it).





  1. Rosemary grows in Ghana? I guess we learn something new everyday. It is very good for hair but anyone that is hypertensive should avoid it.

    Good post!

  2. I think it's imported but it's so easy to get it at the market from the spices sellers. Thanks for the caution.

  3. Anonymous3:04 pm

    did u get e whole plant from makola? or the spieces in the rubber? contact me..raeychell@yahoo. com

  4. I hope what the first person Natural Nigerian wanted to know is weather rosemary is grown in Ghana, but she did not get the answer to that and that is my question too

  5. Thanks to hear from you all🤝🤝


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