5 Hair Tools For Your Hair This Rainy Season

The rains are getting intense , our hair is getting more moisture Lol. When you think you have a fly twist out going on and puff, the humidity gets the green card to play with your twist, the next best thing is to finger out how to prevent knots and tangles.  Here are 5 tools to help you handle your hair during this raining season.
1. Fingers: your fingers are your best detangling tools this season. With so much moisture getting into the hair, there's the tendency of your hair getting tangled and knotted or matted if you get soaked on the rain. Wet natural hair is very fragile thus it's prudent to have a finger detangling technique for such incidents
2. Protein treatment: I can't emphasize the use of protein this rainy season will prevent moisture overload which can also be equally harmful as protein overload. A mild protein product can keep that balance.
3. Shower Cap/Scarf: keep this in your bag as you may get caught up in the rains. One of the things naturals claim is that they don't have to hide from rain as they are natural hair. Well, how about your health? How about the dust that sometimes blows with the rains? How about that dirty water that drips from the shed under which you are taking refuge?
4. Blow dryer: blow drying your hair on cool air during this season can prevent hygral fatigue as a result of hair not drying or taking days to dry. In addition, the lack of sunshine means that your hair extensions can get moldy if wet. Blow drying isn't harmful if you aren't using excessive heat or doing it daily.
5. Hair pins: these hair pins will help you keep your hair tucked away especially when it comes to the ends. I've found that when the weather is too wet, my ends easily get mushy. That could be because the water dripping from our hair which flows from our ends tend to weaken our ends. Even for naturals, that could lead to breakage. The pins become handy when you are caught with your hair down and you need to tuck it away.
So, these are the few ideas I have to share with you regarding your hair during this rainy season.


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    Thank you Abena

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    Thanks for sharing Emprezz

  3. You can never go wrong with the scarf, and I love yours.

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    Thanks, Nerline.


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