5 Local Oils For Natural Hair

If you are on the mission to use local products on your natural hair, then, take a look at these oils for natural hair .
1. Palm kernel oil: I was excited when I learnt about the wonders this oil can do for our strands. But as Ghanaians as we are, we disregard it😩😩😩. I know and understand how the smell can be a put off yet why not find a way to solve that? Well, I have chanced upon a vendor who has done that. Check out Wenaturals on Facebook and grab a bottle of palm kernel oil for your prepoo, hot oil treatment, sealing and also scalp oiling.
2. Palm Oil: OK, so, I haven't yet done my palm oil treatment as I had planned and that's because I've been tucking my hair away too much! That's even the reason why my products stay for 2-3 years in my stash; terrible, I know. This oil is so easy to find in our markets, something our sisters abroad will envy us for but we don't value it. Don't worry, I'll be running 4 days of palm oil wash challenge very soon so we derive maxim benefits from what God has blessed us with.
3. Peanut oil aka groundnut oil: Surprised? Google the benefits of peanut oil for your hair and you'll see what you've been missing! Adds shine to hair, helps hair retain moisture, bonds well to keratin(what your hair/skin/nails are mostly made of). It helps with dry hair, dull hair, deep conditioning, general hair care.
This oil is also very easy to obtain from the market. Why not give it a try?
4. Corn oil: ☺☺☺ yes. Corn oil is available in shops and you won't be disappointed when you give it a try. The good thing too is that it's very cheap!
5. Safflower oil: walk into any shop and pick up this bottle for your strands. Aside being cheap considering the size of the gallon, you have the chance to be heavy handed Loll.
Do you know of any local oils we can use on our hair?


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