Cantu Sheabutter Deep Treatment Masque Wash Day

I wonder why I hadn't tried a Cantu Sheabutter deep treatment masque wash ever since I got the product. For week two of the deep conditioning challenge, I may just stick to one wash because I don't want to loose this smoothness I'm enjoying as regards my hair all thanks to the Cantu Sheabutter masque.
I was out of my mind when my stylist couldn't do my hair due to her faulty dryer so I had to seek for a new one.
She's a bit far from me but after this experience with her, I may just make that trip all the time.
To begin,  she cleansed with renpure cleansing conditioner. Whilst she was washing,  I think she was taking glances at the directions on the bottle and all the products I had brought.
When it was time to deep condition, she applied the deep treatment masque to the edges first -  something madam know-it-all doesn't remember to do Lol.  She also read the directions and wanted to follow the time to use the Cantu sheabutter deep treatment masque but I obliged her to skip some minutes for fear of not getting the done before black out time.
She put in some setting Lotion after using the kinky Curly Knot today leave in conditioner, put in some medium size rollers and sat me under the hooded dryer. I knew the light would go off so I asked her to set the hooded dryer high for quick drying. As if by magic, the light went off in about 45 minutes time but fortunately, my hair was about 905 dry.

I love my hair now more than ever. It's doing so well and I feel the ends touching my neck so the bun life will be starting soon. I'm hoping by January ending, I'll be able to do a proper bun.
My next wash is Thursday evening.
How's your hair?


  1. Nice. It seems like you found a new stylist. How did this deep conditioner compare to the Eco-lesterol?

  2. abena2:27 pm

    I love the Cantu Sheabutter deep treatment masque more.

  3. Your hait has grown! Loving the rollerset, looks very smooth

  4. abena7:43 pm

    Thank you!


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