4 Easy Ways To Use Palm Kernel Oil

If you've been to  the village, then,  you'd probably have eaten food prepared with either Sheabutter or fried with palm kernel oil.

  I do know that we look at Palm Kernel oil with a side eye due to its awful odour thereby neglecting its  benefits for our hair.  Masking the smell isn't a big deal.  You can use what our mothers use in masking the smell of Sheabutter. It is commonly called negro pepper aka hwentia.

So, since you know how to deal with the smell,  here's how you can incorporate  the palm kernel oil in your hair routine.

Hot oil treatment

Haven talked about the importance of hot oil treatment and how to do it,  it's very easy to use palm kernel oil for such a great treatment. I look forward to showing how I've done so very soon.


The almighty Prepoo treatment can't be left out when  taking about palm kernel oil.  I won't reinvent the wheel by talking about the composition of palm kernel oil but you'll see the benefits after using it.


Whilst coconut oil takes the point when it comes to oils for detangling, it will amaze you to  know that you can equally use palm kernel oil for this purpose. Check out how I used it for detangling.

Deep Treatment

You can add palm kernel oil to your deep conditioner or conditioner too.   Check her for how I used it


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