3 Ways To Fix Your Conditioner

Like many naturals out there, there has been one or two occasions when you purchased a product that didn't meet your expectation.

For most out there, it occurs during the trial and error stage when you are yet to figure out what will actually work for your tresses. At other times, the curious minds like me would go in for a particular product to either avouch or refute the raved reviews professed on the various social media platforms... don't judge me oo me too i want to use and see for myself lol. And oh the product junkies cannot go unmentioned...gimme a two finger in the air if you fall within this category.

Alright so at a point in time, I found myself in this situation, and to avoid wastage by discarding the conditioner as well as to reduce the pain of disappointment,  I allowed the DIYness in me to get to work! I refashioned this conditioner in a way to suit my hair, only then was I appeased.

Below are the quick fixes I  made with some natural ingredients.

  1. Not moisturising enough
To amp a conditioner that isn't moisturising enough, aloe vera gel and honey can be of immense help. Both ingredients are humectants thus they trap moisture into the hair leaving the the hair soft and supple. You can add either of them or both depending on your preference but bear in mind that since both have softening properties, using both can leave your hair overly soft. I usually use both to have a double moisturising effect but if this isn't what you are looking for, you can substitute one for the other and see how best it comes out for you. To make this mixture, set aside a bowl with a measured out quantity of conditioner, depending on the length of your hair, add 2 to three tablespoons of alovera gel and or honey. Whip till you get a uniform mixture. I usually prepare just enough to use on wash days to avoid any excess...raw alovera gel can go bad quickly, it should be kept in the fridge for no more than 4days.

2.  A 'no slip' conditioner

When using a conditioner, the first thing I look out for is its 'slip'.  It's as important to me as detangling is life to my mane. If a conditioner hasn't got enough slip, it makes it difficult seperating clumps of hair. This makes detangling not only time consuming but an annoying moment  for me, in fact a necessary evil that I can't forgo. Adding coconut oil or olive oil can greatly increase a conditioner's slip. Consider testing a small amount of the mixture on a small section of the hair to test its slip...the more oil the more slip. Another kitchen ingredient that can be used is okro gel...this may sound gross but it actually works. All you need is to boil slices of okro and strain the liquid...sound easy right?  I have tried using these ingredients on different occasions and I was pleased with the results.

3. Too thick conditioner

I am very certain that everyone will be pleased to use a conditioner that is only thick enough to spread easily and evenly as opposed to one that is too thin and runny. However, it's such a daunting task to have a conditioner that is too thick to get out of its own bottle coupled with the struggle of attempting to distribute it evenly over your tresses.  To reverse this situation add some coconut oil. Use as much as is needed to get the desired consistency.

I am absolutely sure that I am not the only one to have had to deal with a product that needed an extra boost. Have you tried any product that didn't work for you? Did you discard it or try fixing it with other ingredients? Kindly share your experience in the comment section below, I will be glad to read them.



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