How To Choose A Relaxer

When you decide to relax your hair,  you may have these questions on your mind

  1. Which relaxer is best for me? 

  2. Which relaxer can get me the texture I want? 

  3. Which relaxer  can I afford? 
Most relaxers are labeled normal to fine to  medium and coarse  hair. For coarse hair, you usually see 'Super' strength indicated on the box.

The mistake is choosing a relaxed is assuming you have coarse hair when you actually just have dry, unmoisturised hair! 
When you begin your journey, I always recommend you wait for at least 8 weeks before you do your first touch up no matter how long you had gone before beginning the treatment. This time frame allows your hair to get the moisture it needs which will then determine your true texture. 

Does the price determine the quality? I don't think so! There are a lot of factors to consider in knowing the quality of the relaxer and the first is to check reviews online. If your stylist is good, you can easily select one for your texture. You and I know our stylists here are a bit different therefore I recommend you do your own reading. 

Whether no lye or lye relaxer will also depend on the results you want. You'd have to try both and then decide. No, you don't your hair won't get messed up so long as your stretch the period of application.

Lastly, always keep your eyes on your hair when retouching to make sure the right thing is done!


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