Four After Braid Take Down Tips

After I took down the braid, I had to make sure the hair was in good shape after no moisture for weeks.

I used coconut oil as prepoo treatment and washed with Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo and followed up with the Superfruit conditioner.

I used Cantu sheabutter gel oil only for the hair to feel hard so I washed it out with the Cantu sheabutter Co wash.

This brought to mine how to care for  the hair after braids so you don't lose length or cause breakage.

  1. Use coconut oil to aid with finger detangling. Using fingers and coconut oil will let the whole process go faster and with much better results. 

  2. Don't shampoo if you've not detangled. Putting  water in your hair will cause it to tangle more. 

  3. Use a wide tooth comb first to detangle before washing to remove shed hair too. 

  4. Deep conditioning after washing the  hair will restore both protein  and moisture so be sure to  use at least a bit if light protein. 

These are the few tips that help me take care of my hair after braids. Hope they help you too.


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