Building a Hair Regimen

The most important thing for our hair, aside moisture, is a hair regimen. This is an outline of all treatments you plan on giving your hair at preferred intervals. In creating a regimen there are a number of steps one must take to ensure that your hair benefits from it

A hair regimen needs to be as simple as you'd let it. If you're a beginner, it is advisable to be as basic as possible in your treatments, in order for your hair to adjust to the routine. Most of us know the basics- wash, (deep) condition, moisturise, seal and protect. As time goes on you should be able to adjust your regimen, including treatments like the pre poo, Co washing, etc. Starting from the basics is a great way to begin your journey.

Be Consistent
A regimen can't be a regimen without consistency. You need to schedule days and time to all treatments in your regimen and stick to those days and times. Crosscheck your calendar. Find a day where you can include your hair treatments (not squeeze them in, INCLUDE). Make a consious effort to stick with that day. Consistency with your treatments really helps you know your hair. If you miss one or two days check how your hair feels. If it still feels moisturised with minimal buildup, you can tweak your regimen to stretch over a number of days.

Be Reminded
We've been blessed with smartphones- let's use them! Set reminders; get a hhj buddy; join hhj groups. All these will help keep you on the right track. They can even help with the creation of your regimen.

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