3 New Year Hair Care Tips

Even as we prepare for the new year, I'd like to share a few things you can do to enhance length retention in the coming months.

1. Clear your stash! Take a look at what has worked or failed and if you have to donate them or repurpose them, do so! You will be able to make room for new ones. Check for expiring ones so you can use them up. Let your wishlist also be very short - you'll be able purchase them faster. 

2. Set very simple hair goals - exceeding five goals might be an over kill. The lesser the goals, the better the focus. Whatever goal you set, pay attention to how you'll achieve them. That's key! Essentials like the style you wear, the tools you use and the quality of products will enable you hit your targets faster! Once I limited my goals to three, I was forced to consider the most important things. 

3. Don't let youtube be your focus! I love YouTube videos but as a youtuber, I have set certain standards and limits regarding what I watch and who I follow. You'll able to find exactly what works for you if you don't jump on bandwagons! In as much as rice water is the trend, will your hair thrive with it? Each year presents a myriad of trends and you have the choice to make!


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