Wash Day: How To Clarify

 Clarifying your hair means using a product that is able to remove build up in the hair. For this wash, I decided to clarify because I hadn’t washed in two weeks.

1) Applied the Giovanni 50:50 clarifying and moisture shampoo twice! This really leaves the hair quite stripped and clean too. I also have ORS aloe creamy shampoo that clarifies and chelates - I’ll use that next month. 

2) Used the Aussie moist 3 minute miracle deep conditioner and this lives up to its reputation- extremely moisturising.

3) Used As I Am so much moisture and Giovanni direct leave in moisture conditioner and sealed with Mielle ginger butter. 

I air dried and now, I miss my length! This combination really worked for my hair and I looked forward to more hydrated hair. I do moisturise twice a day too because I want to reach maximum hydration soon. 

I will try a salon wash and roller set after the next relaxer to see if it will work. That’s in about 8 weeks time. 

This week, I’ll do green house effect on Sunday, Tuesday  and then Friday! 


  1. Very true, Aussie moist deep conditioner is very moisturizing.


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