Minimize Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss can defeat all the efforts we put into caring for our hair. You can't prevent it but if you have the energy to do these things, postpartum hair loss may be less severe for you.

[1] Don't ditch the prenatal vitamin! Once your precious one arrives, keep taking your vitamins. Your body will be recuperating and will need all the nutrients. If you can take a postnatal vitamin, that's also very helpful. Take it for as long as possible, even 2 years. Folic acid is equally good. 

[2]Begin your Ayurveda rinses before baby arrives if you can. This won't stop the hair loss but it will promote faster growth. Kelp powder, Amla powder, shikakai, henna, aritha and a wide range of these herbs can combat the hair loss! Personally, I’ve prepared enough to last 6 months in order to allow my hair to benefit from it. I began using these herbs in the last part of the third trimester of pregnancy.

[3]Wearing extensions etc can’t  prevent nor stop the hair loss. However, it will reduce manipulation and also take away the panic and fear that comes with seeing so much hair loss! 

[4] Add more fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system. With time, your hair will become stable and you'll see the benefits of your hard work. 

5. Get enough rest! Focus on your baby and don't worry about your hair. Enjoy your time as much as you can instead of worrying about products to use to curb the hair loss. Postpartum hair loss is temporary  stage. 
How do you cope with hair loss?


  1. Great info.
    I think it is also necessary to try and reduce stress to the barest minimum. Having a baby comes with a lot of stress which wears the body out consequently resulting in more shedding. Reducing stress and getting enough rest helps the body to recuperate faster this, reducing shedding

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