NewBorn’s Basic Hair Regimen

 Babies arrive with a head full of hair which can sometimes be a bit more difficult to manage. We don’t want to expose them to chemicals and at the same time, we want healthy hair.

Although my baby is a boy, I still want to make combing easy and also prevent matted hair. I follow a basic regimen:

I shampoo about 2x a week with the baby shampoo and rinse off . Then, I apply baby oil to the hair and use an Afro pick (not Afro comb). For the other days, I simply wet the hair with water and apply the baby oil. 

Prior to the regimen, I observed that his hair was turning brownish and I knew it was due to the daily  shampoo and the sponge. Once the new regimen set in, the hair began to reverse to the original dark colour again! The bonus? The curls are popping!

I’ll keep you updated as the months roll by.


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