New Hair Products Wash Day

Whilst changing hair products too frequently is the hallmark for some, there are others like me who hold on to products for too long!

To change that narrative, I’ve added a whole new range of products to enhance moisture retention. 

There is Giovanni 50:50 shampoo and moisture conditioner, grape seed and avocado oil, neutralizing shampoo and conditioner, As I  Am So much moisture and Ultra growth oil from Difeel, Maui hibiscus shampoo, bamboo shampoo and Tresemme conditioner and Mieele Organics hair butter (probably my first time of using butter). 

The main reason for such changes is  that I’ve used up some of the old products. In addition, my hair isn’t in the same state as it was some months ago hence I need to find new products to suit the current state. 

This week’s wash began with the Profectiv mega growth neutralizing shampoo to clarify the hair. I followed with sheamoisture manuka honey mask and then rinsed off. I covered the hair with shower cap for some minutes and  applied ultra growth oil and covered with shower cap for it to get absorbed. 

By night time, the hair felt quite dry therefore I used the As I Am So Much Moisture together with avocado oil and covered with a shower cap again overnight. I need to get back into the habit of wearing hair bonnets to protect the hair at night or possibly scarf and bonnet together. Also, I’ll be doing a lot of greenhouse effect to retain more moisture as the harmattan season sets in. 

This time, I’ve set the target for the hair length at armpit length and beyond by December 2022! It sounds quite ambitious and that’s the whole point! I want to challenge myself to the extreme!

During the week, I got the hair cornrowed. This will last for 2 weeks then I take down, wash and rebraid.

I still use the Ayurveda herbal water as a hair mist and if I get my own hair cornrowed again, it will come in handy.


  1. Wow, never knew a neutralizing shampoo can be used to clarify the hair. Thanks a lot

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