Why Your Regimen Is Not Working

Your hair regimen must vary according to your hair needs and seasons. One regimen can't cater for all the changes that occur as the months roll in. If your regimen isn't yielding any result, it may be time to evaluate it. 

1. Using too many products at a time. We all wish for quick results but an overkill of products will hinder your progress too. For instance, it's not necessary to use a rinse out Conditioner and deep conditioner at the same time. Neither is changing brands within days of usage a good thing. Allow at least 3 months or more to try new products. 

2. Too much manipulation and styling: Combing daily may not be advisable and so is trying to create new hair styles daily. 

3. Changing regimen too frequently: Don't switch regimens within a couple of days just because you want quick results. Some regimens take up to even 6 months to yield results. 

4. Listening to many conflicting advice: You think her regimen will work for you so you discard yours. This applies to protective styling in particular. Know what your hair loves and stick to it! 

5. Not chelating: removing build up as well as mineral deposit as a result of products and hard water will allow your hair to better absorb products.

6. Failure to adjust regimen according to seasons. Harmattan regimen should focus on moisture and hydration unlike rainy season. Build your regimen to cover such changes. 

What are some practices that make our regimen not work? 


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