14 July, 2012

How To: Start Your Own Hair Care

When I first discovered hair boards, I was so ecstatic! At last, my hair could get the TLC it needed. But, the question that popped up was," how do I start and with what? I read through other people's profile and eventually jotted down the following:
  1. My hair journey is a personal journey.
  2. Every journey has a beginning and an end
  3. Where I live determines what I use. 
  4. My finances determine what products I can afford. 
  5. My diet is key in maintaining healthy hair.
  6. Keeping the eye on the goal  helps in overcoming setbacks. 
Take some time to ponder over these questions because they will guide you in all the decisions you make in starting your own hair care. In the next post., I will expound on each point...

Stay Tuned!


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