How To Grow Beard

In as much as women are attached to their hair on the head, some mwn are equally attached to the hair that grows on their chin aka beard.

Lately, a lot of my male customers have been requesting for products to hold them grow their brand long. It may sound funny but a neat and we'll groomed beard is most definitely a plus to a gentleman. So, how can you grow your beard? I guess I'll attempt this from the same point as growing your hair on the head.

  1. Wash and condition the hair. By washing, I realized that when guys take a shower, they rinse their face but neglect the beard. Make efforts to at least apply some shampoo and conditioner to the beard once a week. This will strengthen the beard and prevent breakage. Bathing soaps can dry out the hair unless it's Alata samina aka African black soap.

Also,  be sure to whip food from the beard. I've seen some foods stuck in beards and they aren't  cute. Dried food in your beard? 

  1. Oil your beard whilst it's still damp. By oiling, I mean use natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil and others to prevent loss of moisture after washing.

  2. You can also use growth oils like Jamaican Black Castor Oil to nourish and strengthen the bread.

  3. Trim the ends: Like the hair on your head, the ends of your beard are the oldest which should be trimmed off to leave the healthy end.

  4. Increase water intake to hydrate your body which will extend to your beard too.

  5. Comb it less and when it's damp to prevent breakage. Dry beard can easily snap. 

Well,  these are what I think can help you grow your beard. 

Do share your progress with us. 


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