3 Deep Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid

After deep conditioning according to the directions on products, my hair has certainly gained it's softness back. It stays moisturized for longer periods too.

In all this, I've learnt 3 mistakes that can occur with your deep conditioning process.
1. Not using the product as directed: That was my first mistake with deep conditioners. Most dcs take about 30 minuted to an hour to work if you use body hat but 15 minuted under a hooded dryer or steamer. I hardly went beyond 5 minutes with the deep conditioners and that was my downfall. Now that I can't cut my hair again,  I have to be diligent in keep the hair healthy.
2. Not using the right deep conditioner: Using a regular conditioner and leaving it on for even 20 hours doesn't make it deep conditioning. I've personally been against using eggs because it's unable to penetrate the hair. To benefit from deep conditioning,  you need to get a deep conditioner aka steaming cream.
3. Not deep conditioning often: The ladies with long hair have two or more sessions of deep conditioning during the week and its something we may have to also do in order to get to the long hair. By fortifying the hair each week, the strands are able to resist the elements like the sun due to the increased moisture thereby preventing dry hair.

If you've been forgoing these tips, do well to go back to the basics.


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