Beauty Benefits of Dates

If you haven't tried dates, then you are missing a lot!They are so sweet and yummy. Its sweetness can't be compared to ice-creamand candies..When you think of a soft drink ,think dates. When you think of a gum,think dates.

They are delicious to eat and high in natural sugars.The date fruit pulp contains some wonderful phytochemicals (plant nutrients) like polyphenols, carotenoids, anthocyanins, and flavonoids, plus minerals such as selenium and manganese – each of these play an important role in slowing down the aging process (including greying and hair loss). Dates are also a good source of iron, deficiency of which can cause hair loss and hair thinning

Dietary fiber in dates binds to the bad cholesterol in the digestive tract and removes them from the body. Date fibers also help to move food slowly and smoothly through digestive tract – this helps to keep blood sugar levels steady, so you’re less likely to feel hungry and over eat. This is great for someone like me who has strong appetite..l

How to use: Eat 4 to 6 dates every day as a snack.

So next time you decide to buy a hunk of cheese or a cup of ice cream, just go for dates!

Stay healthy. 

Be strong.


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