5 Hair Dye Tips To Consider

  1. Follow the INSTRUCTIONS : I used the dark and lovely permanent black hair dye and didn't have any problem with dryness. The instructional manual is added to the product not for decorative purposes; it's to protect your own hair.

  2. Be patient when applying: each dye has its own application method. My semi permanent dye required heat to work, the dark and lovely one doesn't. Skipping a process may end up damaging your strands.

  3. Deep condition very often to ensure your hair stays moisturized as some dyes can be very drying to the hair. Blonde, red and others can suck the moisture out of your hair; using moisturizing deep conditioner is the key to keeping your strands from breaking off.

  4. Read previous reviews about the dyes. There are a lot of articles on people's experience with different hair dyes. You also get to choose based on the purpose of your color change. I used semi permanent for a while  and also tried a permanent dye

5. Check your hair's pH before and after the dye process. Some dyes will throw your hair's pH out of balance due to their composition. You need to work on closing your cuticles after the especially using a permanent dye.


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