Every once in a while, we all love to switch up the look of our hair. We see the wildest colours all over Instagram and Facebook and we wish we could try at least one of them. But then we think of the reviews we’ve heard or read about dyes, and how they dry out your hair, causing tons of breakage. This discourages many. 

One thing we don’t realise is that, those who experience breakage most probably tend to have very little knowledge on the use and implications of dyeing. Dyeing your hair means your hair’s structure has been altered in one way or the other and as such, it will not be able to hold as much moisture as it did before. As a result, you have to provide your head of hair with extra moisture treatments to make up for what it loses. So in conclusion, dyeing simply means EXTRA MOISTURE.

If you’re like myself and would like to switch up your colour about 3 times in one week lol, then dyeing permanently is probably not the answer for you. It’s with this thought that I’ve decided to delve into the temporary dyeing options available to we the indecisive and experimental ones.

· Henna

Yes henna. Henna is one of the ways by which you can dye your hair. This powder doubles as a strengthening treatment that coats your hair shaft, reducing breakage and adding sheen to your hair. Henna can be found in various colours, but be cautious of the imitations. Henna used on your hair must be of the BAQ (), as that is the purest and healthiest option for your hair. If you’re in Accra, I’ll recommend making friends with some Muslims, as they get easy access to henna for their wedding ceremonies. Don’t eat their Salah food only, use their henna!

· Hair Spray

These are a more temporary option for the likes of myself. It causes no dryness, it’s easy to wash out, it’s cheap (trust me I know!), and fun to use! Hair sprays come in a different range of colours for all your innermost desires! All you need to do is to spray it on freshly washed hair, massage it a bit to spread it to your liking and voila! You can rock a colourful head of hair.

· Hair Chalk

This is yet another temporary type of hair colour. These look like the normal chalk we used back in the day, but without the added harsh chemicals. This is also easy to apply and wash off, although the colour isn’t really as strong as that of the hair spray. You’d have to use a lot of the chalk for the colour to ‘pop’.

· Lipstick

Close your eyes lol. Lipstick is a messy but fun temporary hair dye. And guess what? Most ladies have it already. That means no additional buying! Lipstick gives your hair a subtle shade, just like the chalk. The appearance of the colour is largely dependent on the application. Lipstick can be a very messy hair dye so be mindful when applying it. Apply it before wearing that white shirt and when wearing the shirt, do well to place a satin cap over your head before. Otherwise, you’ll be very sorry.

So there you have it! Many ways to colour your hair without the full commitment. If you love to experiment, try one or two of them and post a picture on the forum. If you’re having any difficulties with your dyed hair as well, we’re here to help! Comment below! Thanks for reading:)

Kuukua (Shantays).


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