Four Products To Fade Scars and Spots

The headache that follows a breakout is how to get rid of the dark spots and blemishes.

For us in Ghana, a skin care routine is a recent trend and especially with the influx of affordable Chinese and Korean skin care products.

We grow up with using bath soaps to wash our face and body lotion to moisturize our face, sometimes, Vaseline is our go to. Now, if you are reading this, then, it means you've gone beyond that stage and that's a good sign of great things to come.
After years of damage and not caring about our skin, you should understand that it will equally take a few more effort to get the skin you need.

There are several products on the market targeting fading spots and blemishes but before we jump on them, do remember that you daily routine is essential in achieving results with those products. Getting rid of the spots won't be a matter of days.

All you'll need is to combine a few products and definitely some trial and error in order to get your spot free skin.

Recently, I came across the following products :
1. Products with Niacinamide are touted as great for fading scars.
2. Azelic acid also gets a mention when it comes to fade creams
3. Kojic acid is a well known ingredient for fading scars.
4. Vitamin C serum and alpha arbutin also come in.

When choosing fade products, look out for these ingredients.

Aside these treatments, there are laser options, dermabrasions and other treatments that are done by dermatologist.


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