The Ordinary Lactic Acid +HA

I took the bold step to use a chemical exfoliating product and because I needed to start of gently, I picked lactic acid 10% from The Ordinary.

The lactic acid is used at night so I wash and apply toner before using it. For the first application, I used my fingers to pat it into the skin.

The skin looked oily for a while but that subsided within minutes. My skin felt dry the next morning but nothing severe.

Within a couple of day, I noticed my skin tone looked even and I had nice glow too.

Honestly, I love the changes and would certainly work to keep it up.

On another note, I've been taking hair gummies which contain vitamin c and it may be another contributing factor for this glow.

*A few pointers

I has no reaction to the lactic acid. I did feel a tingle or sting for a few seconds and that was it.

I use a few drops and I'm limiting it to 2x a week in order not to over exfoliate the skin.

Ill be moving on to other serums eventually but I want to exhaust The Ordinary products first. I'm looking at the hylamide line and a few NIOD ones too.

The immediate ones though are Paula's Choice. 😊😊😊

I do have a lot to try and I'm down for it!

Welcome to the newbie skin care blog .


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