How To Use Hotfro Chebe Powder and Oil

Visit my shop at to purchase your chebe powder and oil. Then,  contact me on 0541458372 for the steps.
When you are done,  be it relaxed hair or natural hair,  follow these tips.
1.Be sure to shampoo your hair before the mixture is applied.
2. Get the hotfro growth pomade to use along with thw chebe powder and oil. This will boost your hair growth too.
3. Follow the directions you'll be given in order to have a successful application.
4. Decide on the hair style you want to wear with the chebe IE cornrow, braids, wigs etc.
5. Be sure to use the chebe oil every 3 days after the first application of the mixture (I'll direct you when you get your set).
6. Don't mix other chebe brands/ products with the hotfro one should you wish to.  It's best to use the products from one brand.
So,  as you begin your chebe journey, just relax and allow your hair to enjoy the benefits.


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